Sunday, 8 June 2014

AAAA (American Apparel-Aholics Anonymous)

American Apparel worn by queens of the phone-age: Charlie Barker, Joanna Kuchta, and Lauren Bejaoui (+ an official ad.. dem AA aesthetics)

American Apparel. A year and a half ago, I didn't give the shop a second glance - like a lot of people at the time, especially people where I live. It was a shop far, far away in Dublin where only those living in Dublin went; If they had the money, that is. We were all far too busy making a fuss about our new friend, Forever 21. I, for one, thought it as the shop with slightly dated, plain and overpriced clothes (disco pants) where the models never wore bras, even for sheer clothing... Sheer clothing! No one really 'got' it. Now? Well, we all know our tennis skirts from our holographic leotards, don't we?

It all started with Instagram.. Girls like Joanna Kuchta, Charlie Barker and Lauren Bejaoui, routine AA-wearers started clocking up followers, to the point of becoming online household names. Now, Lauren has hosted her own American Apparel evening in the Grafton Street branch as well as featuring in their ad campaign. The #AAselfie is a fully fledged thing. Penneys are selling sunflower print shorts (which I need). Go onto tumblr, and you'll find polaroid-esque AA ads being reblogged all over the shop (....literally?). Log onto twitter, and you'll see Joanna Kuchta has found her way onto your timeline, somehow - but you don't even follow her?! (U rly should tho?!? *insert shades emoji*)

Due to its strong connections with the internet, American Apparel is no longer just a clothing shop: It's a way of life - the Instagram way of life. It's the new macaroons, shellac nails, Starbucks, ombre hair. Wearing American Apparel is now, apparently, a shortcut to working up the IG and Tumblr ladder, whilst simultaneously looking like Lana Del Rey - when you've got your 'fade' filter on. And is everyone (including me) buying into it?! Yes. Long live the AA selfie - even if you've just taken it in the changing rooms. Hide the security tags, folks..

American Apparel Wishlist
Just some of my favourite bits - Take note, Penneys!

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