Saturday, 28 June 2014

Original-content tumblrs you should be following

It's great to come across a blog with similar theme/colour scheme/taste/anything similar to your own, that (re)blogs stuff that you can, in turn, reblog - But a tumblr that posts all of its own content? Sadly, that's very rare. So rare that when preparing to write this post, I struggled to find a third blog to write about - 'two tumblrs' seemed weird and too little; 'three tumblrs' sounded right. I never found the third tumblr, so I'm just doing two - that rare. So erm, here they are...?

Where I See Fashion is a tumblr that gets to the root of some of the most interesting fashion images by comparing them to paintings, landscapes, flowers, animals and more. The blog uncovers the inspiration of fashion designers, makeup artists, hairstylists and photographers, whilst also providing plenty of inspiration for the viewer. With high-res photos and some truly intriguing content, this tumblr is endless eye candy for anyone interested in fashion.

Natural Palettes is another very visually inspiring blog: It takes stunning photographs of nature and scenery, plucks the pretty colours out and slaps it on the side for good measure - but in a much nicer way than what I have described. It's perfect for any aspiring painters, makeup artists, colour appreciaters - anyone. Just take a look, appreciate the view. Urban Decay should take a look at this site to get ideas for a new eyeshadow palette or something - Who doesn't want an autumn forest smokey eye?!

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