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It was only a matter of time before the squiggly-ass 'tattoo' chokers came back in the past year(or three)'s '90s Revival' zeitgeist, along with denim err'thang, buffalo shoes, tie dye, etc etc etc.. Except the choker is seeming to become more of a necessity - and the recent 'loom bands' obsession isn't helping. Whether you're making them yourself or buying 'em in, there's no excuse! There's a choker out there for everyone - too many to make a teen girl's magazine flow chart quiz from. Yes, I did try - in the spirit of the ultimate era of childhood. Instead, here are some varying styles that come from the choker familia:

Plain and Simple 
Squiggly or ribbon, this one's ca-uute and easy to wear. I may have put 'plain' in the title, but this category is by no means limited to single, block colours/textures; You could go for a kawaii pale pink crushed velvet ribbon, rainbow squigglies, put some beads on there.. The possibilities are endless. My personal favourite is #4, the chunky holographic plastic strip above. V cyber.

Spikes. As long and sharp as you want. As dog collar-ish as you want. Not for the faint hearted, whether you're the wearer or the onlooker! I've seen some nice ones with little roses stuck onto them too, if you're looking for something with conflicting styles. I've actually used headbands with little spikes on them as chokers; Just tie the elastic part at the back in a loop to fit your neck.

#5 above is a perfect example of this style of choker, and is very much a statement piece. I lav. I also recently got quite a simple gold chain choker with  ribbon weaved through it (can you spot it below?!); It's a lot more 'cutesy' looking than #5, which just shows you how endless the possibilities are with this trend (...which I have invested far too much money in).

Add a pendant!
I feel like I'm running an ice cream parlour or something - 60c to add a topping of your choice! Anyway, some chokers come with pendants, but if not, Etsy is your best friend - I'm sure there are pendants of Obama on there, if that's what you're feeling. It's a nice way to change up the necklace, without doing much - crescent moons, pentagrams, yin-yangs, hamsas and suns are always good options. Or, pizza? #3 above has got it going on. 

Buy some ribbon, tie it around your neck. Done. Plait it, if you want to. Done.  Add the pendant we previously discussed. Done. Force your younger siblings to make you one from loom bands - or march into your local pound shop to get your own set of bands, unabashed. DONE. 

'Can't... breathe... Too many.... chokers.....' // 'U like chokers?! o honey..... (Mix of chokers from loom bands, Topshop, and Claire's! Too many to fit in shot, let alone on my neck.. I've got two spikeys lurking in the bottom corner of the right pic. Wanting more.)

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