Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dressing Your Age: A Guide

I'm quite proud of myself right now: I've managed to not wear a silly t-shirt or a loud, patterned piece of  outwear in an outfit - which you, if you've been around for a while, will know is a vital part of what I like to call my 'clothing safety bubble'. As a big believer in contradicting more sophisticated clothing with less serious, kiddie-style pieces, this is a huge step! Here, I've managed to keep the more jokey notes to a minimum by just using cutesy accessories. Listen up out there, cooky dressers looking for a way out of the cycle! Equally, if you tend to go for more serious, modernist clothing all the time and want to add some fun to whatever you're wearing, this could be a great way to introduce some character.

Let's start from bottom to top, today: The sandals are from TK Maxx, and were an absolute steal. I would highly recommend trying out TK Maxx for swanky shoes, if River Island or Topshop are a little bit out of your budget - I've spotted Jeffrey Campbells, GUESS and Karl Lagerfeld shoes just lying on the bloody floor in there, and going for very little! Plus, it's unlikely anyone else will have the same shoes. The jeans are the most basic of Penney's skinny jeans, and since I got them, all other jeans in my wardrobe have been made fairly redundant! Black is the way forward, everyone. The string top I've got on is one of those things that you've got lying in a drawer somewhere for years, but never consider wearing on its todd. Everyone at home: Go through all of the clothes you/everyone in your house owns, you'll be very surprised at what you might find! Especially if you're a sucker for simple little items like string tops - They're big on the highstreet at the moment, but are going for extortionate prices for just a tiny piece of fabric. I don't think people realise how availible such items are to us, as long as we're looking in the right places. Finally, accessories: The choker is from Topshop, and if you're living in a town compact with trendy teenz like myself, you'll know that the place is currently crawling with them. (I'll talk about this more another time. Cough.) The sunnies are legitimate  kiddie glasses that caught my eye in Dealz (an Irish pound shop/dollar store) one day. I was buying heaps of loom bands at the time too - I wonder if the cashier knew I was buying it all for myself.. (More on sunglasses HERE!)

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