Thursday, 3 July 2014

Playlist: Dip Dye and Daisy Chains Music

Songs as Follow:
Young Wonder - Orange 
Odesza - Sun Models
Bath - Animals
Goldroom - Embrace
Purity Ring - Grandloves
Best Coast - When the Sun Don't Shine (Voyager Remix)

Something strange happens to me when the sun comes out - I start to understand the 'California Tumblr Girl' philosophy, awash with its galaxy print, penney boards and Nutella. I'm sure many people feel the same - you just wake up to the sun, craving some highlights.. Maybe even a tan?! (Kidding - most Irish people love a good tan, regardless of weather - unless you're a vampire like myself.) And with that new level of understanding comes a new tolerance for happy, rave-ish music, dripping in synths and swag. Here's some of my favourite tracks; Crystal Castles will have to sit this one out..

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