Monday, 14 July 2014

The Family Jewels (Well, if you consider this shirt a jewel)

I think all girls love having a good root through their mother's (Or father's - I've done it before) clothes. It's a great way to find something unique, and it's FREE. Recently on my ventures into Mother Dearest's closet, I found this oriental-style shirt, along with a matching skirt: They're in mint condition as they had only been worn to a handful of events, and what's more, my mum was delighted that they might be worn again! That doesn't always happen - there can be some screaming, maybe some flying feathers... Needless to say I took the clothes without asking questions. I just used the shirt in this look, although I may feature the skirt another time.

What's so fantastic about the shirt is that it can be dressed up OR down; It's a nice little variation on the kimono trend going around these days when unbuttoned, and on days like today where I kept it closed up, (I like to think) I look like a samurai school girl or something.  The pleated skirt (Penneys) screams youth and school-vibes, while the sandals (TK Maxx) make the whole thing a little more modern and dressed up. Kawaii forever.

The obligatory Tumblr channelled snaps - This shirt's rather web-worthy, if I do say so myself!

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