Sunday, 24 August 2014

Blue Eyebrows - because I can

Obligatory introduction - skip if you please: When I first began blogging, I had this idea that I was going to cover several areas that appealed to me - or rather, I thought appealed to me. I was going to cover fashion, moodboards, beauty, monthly favourites, tags, wishlists.. But as I settled into the rhythm of it all and got my footing, I realised that some posts gave me greater.. (get ready for this term, lads!) creative satisfaction than others; Generally the ones that I felt were 'outside' my comfort zone; The ones that made me feel like I was standing out a little bit, not following the cookie-cutter blog format. So, obviously it made sense for me to drop anything that didn't feel or seem to be worthwhile; For that reason, beauty fell by the wayside. Maybe it's the fact that I'm not amazing with makeup, that my skin's problematic, that I can't afford high-end products, that I don't have the correct lighting, that I don't feel particularly creative writing product reviews or a combination of all these things that kept me away from it. All I know is that when I wrote about beauty, it didn't do a whole lot for my writer's soul - It was like I was just following the textbook girly blogger format. I'm not saying that I'm somehow one in a million with my OOTDs, nor am I slating beauty bloggers (ye're doing a great job!) but I personally feel like I have something more to offer in what I'm doing now.

But I think I may have found a way to incorporate some sort of beauty material in a way that I enjoy, as well as you readers out there enjoying: BEAUTY EXPERIMENTS! What does this mean, you ask? My answer: Putting crap on my face in a way that is unusual, seeing if it works, and learning from it. The concept involves zero professionalism, and zilch commercialism too - Which means if something goes wrong, you've been warned, and also that I'm not going to disclose the products I used by their brand or colour, etc - unless the experiment is product specific or it's a speciality product.

The whole point of this segment will be to open my - and your - mind to all the possibilites of makeup and beauty, without breaking the bank or being judged; This is all a bit of a laugh, after all!
So, without further ado, here is Beauty Experiment #1 - Please do let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more stuff like this. BE CONSTRUCTIVE! 

Idk what the whole scarf thing I've got going on is about - I thought it brought out the brows.
All in the name of science, I'm going to be turning my eyebrows a highly unnatural shade of blue - or rather, try to do so. For science. 

The concept: Blue eyebrows. WHY BRONAGH, WHY?! Because. Someday, when you wake up craving some space buns and holographic err'thang as I do on a daily basis, you'll need a side of blue brows with that. Or pink, purple, green.. Maybe a rainbow. It's a life skill, guys. And they look fairly badass, right?

The nitty-gritty: Now that I've convinced you that blue eyebrows are a necessity, how do we achieve them? Or rather, how did I attempt to achieve them? From what I've seen of unnaturally coloured brows, people seem to either dye them or put some eyeshadow/eyeliner on there. But, I've got a problem with that: Dye is pretty longterm (as in, dealing with the effects for over 24 hours) and eyeshadow/liner doesn't adhere to the hairs; It simply fills in the gaps, giving a mixed up, two-tone effect if the product doesn't match the hairs - the colour doesn't reach optimal level.

Therefore, I've gone for some colour mascara to do the job - it coats the hairs perfectly, without dilluting the colour. First I dabbed a little concealer (not so necessary if you want a more dull colour) on the hairs, and then ran the mascara wand against the grain of the hair, getting to the roots. I then settled the hairs back to their usual position, going over any spots I had missed with the colour.

The result: Well, blue brows! A little strange to look at, but then again, staring at any brows for more than thirty seconds makes me feel uncomfortable. The hairs don't look too clumpy as mascaras sometimes can, but then again, any trouble there could be fixed with some good ole' picking. Gross but fun - admit it. 

As coloured mascaras are hard to come by at a friendly price, I feel obliged to tell you that I used one by Essence - and they've got it in several other colours too. Deadly! Collect 'em all..


  1. I completely agree with you about the beauty blogging thing, Couldn't have been said better ! Loving your brows :D xx

    1. AH. Good to hear I'm not alone! Hahaha, thank you.. I'm still working on walking out the door with them :) x

  2. You do look like a space lady with your blue brows, but that is hella cool. I would like to be brave enough to wear colored brows... maybe someday [sigh]. I'm totally looking forward to future beauty experiments though.

  3. Hahaha, why thank you :) Aww, you shouldn't be afraid of coloured brows - if you like it, go for it! I find that if you wear or do something you like, even if everyone else doesn't feel 'comfortable' by it, I grow in confidence because I'm sure of myself, and not vice versa. Plus, who even knows.. You might start a trend! (..And send us a pic of the fab end result :D)
    Glad to hear you'll stick around.. More coming very soon x