Friday, 15 August 2014

Goth Prom Feat. Fanny Crown

I look like a garden knome next to this regal creature, but I really needed to show you the similarity in shape.. See?
 Let me give this whole thing some context: Last February, I took part in the Junk Kouture competition which requires students to make an entire outfit by themselves, from rubbish. (I've talked about it before - check it here!)  Myself and my team mates Caoilfhionn and Emma all spent hours on end labouring over our outfit, and the time we spent together became a highlight of the year for me. Whilst our level of sanity decreased when carrying out tedious work, we came up with quite a few nonsensical but now precious inside jokes - one of which was the concept of 'Goth Prom'. On one particular day when I was trying on the outfit and inspecting our work in the mirror, I coined the idea, muttering it under my breath. It stuck for the rest of the year, pretty much.

So, when I was invited by the wonderful people at Fanny Crown to write about - and maybe even win - one of their dresses, this idea immediately came to mind.. Although it was difficult to stick to, as there were so many other beautiful dresses in every style conceivable. It's not just limited to proms/debs dresses either; I could've done a Goth Bride post if really I wanted to! And if ordering such an important dress online makes anyone feel a little anxious about sizing, never fear - you can include your measurements in your order, so the dress can be tailor-made. They also offer for the dresses to be made in every colour under the sun.. The world is your oyster, formal-dress-fiends! 

After much thought and consideration, I picked out the I Am Mermaid Strapless Designer Dress for my fantasy Goth Prom ensemble. It was pretty shocking to see how much it reminded me of the dress we made for Junk Kouture. Although our dress was unsymmetrical and maybe even a little unflattering, the similarity in shape is definitely there. Funnily enough, people always (jokingly?) told me that I should wear the Junk Kouture dress to my Debs.. I always scoffed at them, saying that there was no way I would wear such a rough-and-ready dress to such an event. However, this Fanny Crown dress is the perfect nod to 'the glory days', whilst also being far from embarrassing!

I  think my favourite thing about the dress is its contrast in textures - I adore the petal-like peplum element to it along the waist, and how it progresses downwards into the lace - which breaks up the black beautifully. It's safe to say I've never seen anyone turn up to a Debs/Prom in anything like it before.

Fanny Crown Dress//Jeffrey Cambpell Shoes//Accessorize Earrings//Alexander McQueen Chunky Necklace//Regal Rose Ring//Alexander McQueen Clutch

This dress does itself enough justice on its own, but I've accessorised it here to make it stand up to the dark, angsty world of Goth Prom.  I feel like I've got to address the Jeffrey Campbell shoes I've included in my mood board first, as they're not very conventional Debs shoes - but then again, what about being a goth is relevant to traditional Debutante wear?! These shoes are a comment on modern society and conform... Duh - and the platform's a nice nod to the iconic, rough 'n' tough Goth Stompers. Aren't they fabulous? I've also picked out a gorgeous Alexander McQueen clutch, which has a distinct shape that brings out the petal layering in the dress very nicely. It's also got some colour in it, which will work well with the jewellery and makeup I've selected. Speaking of jewellery: I've gone for all-silver, and deep red gemstones (links are all in the caption).

Makeup inspo on upper left//Hair inspo on lower right and centre//Nails? Well, you can see them.. hm.
As far as hair and beauty goes, you can guess that my goth self would not be opting for a tan - perhaps rather, the opposite! Are there methods for going paler? HA. I've steered clear of black lippie to keep the look from going too harsh, but the deep reds coming from jewellery and the clutch we previously discussed come through big time here - On the eyes, the lips, and the nails. I particularly love the makeup from Dior Fall 2010 (pictured above), and I think something like this would look great with the outfit. As for hair, I've opted for an updo that looks soft and delicate - like the Dolce and Gabbana hair above - minus the flowers. I'd add some tiny plaits in interesting formations instead (picture on bottom right). And nails?! What goth look wouldn't be complete without  darkly coloured claws?

Fun fact: Cinderella was actually a goth and loved Hallowe'en - that's why she went to the ball (GOTH PROM) in a pumpkin. Bleedin' Disney..

OH, and an added bonus! If you're looking for a formal dress any time soon (until the 15th September specifically) you can get 15% off by using the coupon code BTTFOURWALLS14 on the Fanny Crown website. Cheers!

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