Friday, 10 October 2014

Autumn Brights

This jumper (River Island) is special to me. It's caterpillar-like colour and fabric, its softness, its shape, the way it drapes, its warmth.. I love it. Yet I don't think that in the year I have owned it that it has ever been featured in an outfit post. Its day has come! I've paired it with an equally fun Penneys dungaree dress, and my favourite socks ever - pink dinosaur socks. They're from Topshop. The Dr Martens are my school shoes, so cost-per-wear they've worked out well.

This is one of those outfits that will vary largely in outcome depending on how you stand, whether the jumper is tucked in or flapping out, whether the sleeves are rolled up or not... Exhausting. Cue obsessive mirror check-ups. However, its fun factor makes it every bit worth it, as far as I'm concerned - I'm being very good staying away from large doses blacks and burgundies associated with chillier months in this outfit. That deserves an applause, I'm pretty sure?

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