Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ya Prep

DISCLAIMER: I don't usually wear this sort of thing... I feel like I'm obliged to state that, considering I've been away for what seems like so long (Sorry!) and you may think I've changed my entire being. As it happens, I saw Gone Girl on Friday and felt like going a little Amy-Dunne-in-private-school, although I'm not sure how successful I was.. I felt classy in this little getup, anyhow.

The fur collar is from H&M - I can't wait to add over to all my coats when it gets that bit chillier. It makes up for not being able to afford a full-on faux fur coat. The white shirt I've got on under the blazer (charity shop) is also from H&M. The plaid pants are from Penneys, and the boots are from Dunnes.

Not my usual cup of tea, but maybe I could waltz onto the set of a Tommy Hilfiger shoot and fit in? That could come in handy, someday.

It's Ya Preppy Girl :) Lacrosse Hockey xx

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