Friday, 5 December 2014

Wishlist: Gumtree* Edition

 *This post is sponsored by Gumtree.

Some would say I'm too thrifty for my own good. I won't buy anything in Penneys unless it's reduced. Before any of my family members throw out clothes, I'll check to see if there's anything I can salvage. Sifting through charity shops appeals to me more than browsing around highstreet stores - I just can't seem to justify spending double digit figures for, well, anything.. And then there's Gumtree. It's like they want me to keep being the ultimate cheapskate?!

You can buy/sell anything you want on Gumtree: A car, an Xbox, your pet snake.. You can find yourself a job too, or if you're like me, you can take your scavanging to new levels. Whether you're looking for some Jeffrey Campbells on the cheap or just want something a little different, there's no shortage of choice. If you find something you like, the seller's contact information is at your fingertips: You can arrange to pay and/or collect the item however you and the seller wish to do things, making the site open and flexible - just stay safe, kids! Hey, who knows - after Christmas, you may find yourself benefitting hugely from Gumtree when you don't know what to do with some slightly err, dodgy presents. You didn't hear that from me!

On my most recent Gumtree conquest, I found a few items that really stood out to me. Before I even begin talking about them, I'll warn you that they are 'different' - Gumtree's perfect for finding something a little quirky and unique. That's something to keep in mind when looking at the site and when looking at what I've picked out here. An open mind is key to making your Gumtree experience a good one!

...No, not worn all together at once.. I think?!

1. Nike Huraches: I've seen these shoes online a lot, on bloggers particularly, in the UK and the US. I never thought I would see the light of day when such a shoe would make its way to.. Ireland? this I personally prefer the Spice Girls-esque shoe in pink, but this particular seller has them in several colours.

2. Red Leather Jacket: Is it just me, or does this little number scream 'BOWIE'? It's fabulous. Red doesn't seem to be a primal colour around this season on the highstreet, what with berry colours and pastels. Hence, Gumtree may be the only place you'd get something like this! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Topshop..

3. 'Snatch' T-shirt: I watched Snatch two weeks ago, and by golly am I glad that I did. I also really like cheap-y looking logo t-shirts, so this seems like a great combination. I'd wear this with some denim cutoff shorts and Dr Martens, or maybe layered with a hawaiian shirt or something - naff on naff is the way forward.

4. Long Patterned Shirt: I always find stuff like this in charity shops, but they always seem a little too baggy or wide - if that's not what you're into, this shirt's a little more fitted, whilst also giving you some length. The pattern's wonderfully granny-ish, and since the colours are relatively neutral, it would match a lot of colour colours (blackblackblackblack).

5. Puffer Jacket: It's funny. When shopping for winter coats with my mother in years past, I would always make sick noises looking at a coat like this. However, there's something about the puffer jacket which now seems really, really appealing to me. It's like something a Bratz doll might wear, especially in a colour like white?! Dressed right, they can be full of personality and quirk.

6. Flame Patterned Goth Stompers: No one would mess with you in boots like that. They're not for everyone, that's a given, but I've always wanted some no-nonsense goth stompers. Such shoes can be incredibly expensive unfortunately, so Gumtree is the perfect place to find a cheaper option.

7. Isabel Marant for H&M Dress: Christmas is around the corner.. This dress seems to embody everything glamourous about this season. It's classy, and its colour is ah-mazing.. I'm beginning to visualise what shoes and earrings I'd wear with it - oh, help!

8. Silk Camisole: I'm getting the Bratz/Paris Hilton/Mean Girls vibes from this top again. I could see 90s Kate Moss laughing with a cocktail in her hand, wearing a top like that. I want to be 90s Kate Moss. Hence.. I need the top?! Simple little camis like this can cost an arm and a leg on the highstreet - I find myself shocked and heartbroken every time I get brave enough to look at a price tag. Thank God for Gumtree, eh?

SIDE NOTE/WORDS OF INSPIRATION AND ENCOURAGEMENT: If you see something you like and don't think it's considered 'normal', 'in' or 'acceptable to wear', who cares?!  Two years ago, I picked up a pair of velvet flares for €2.50, but put them down when I got some worried looks from shopping partners.. Yesterday, I saw something incredibly similar hanging up in River Island for 60-something. The fact that I remember them so distinctly alone tells me I should've just gone with my gut. Live your fashion life with no regrets!

Have you ever bought anything cute on Gumtree?