Saturday, 10 January 2015

Whatta Glitch??!?!?

Dress: Topshop
Blazer/Coat: Charity shop
Boots: Topshop

This dress is my new favourite thing. The modern shape and print, contrasted with its chiffon-like, light fabric, the sporty neck part.. it's perfect. Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how fitting the glitch-esque print is to my entire life?! I got it in the Christmas sales. I love the blazer over it - but if I'm honest, I love the  blazer over everything. It just makes anything look all business-as-usual and grown up. I wore it with converse and some casual attire last week, and it still looked good! The boots are my entire life. Best Christmas present ever, although it's in competition with the Wacom graphics tablet I also managed to acquire. It's going to come in handy for editting pictures - Dont be surprised if you see doodles on all of my OOTDs. I'm really liking experimenting with images this weather, so just FYI: Be expecting much more visual blog posts from now on! 

Side note ramble thing: I hope everyone has a fantastic new year, and apologies for being so late to say so! With the new year, I'm going to try step things up a notch around here - not so much on the business side of things although that is welcome, but on the quality and genuinity of my work. I'm only going to post if I'm truly jazzed about something - Get me?! It just means I'll be pushing myself  to get more creative about things around here.

You also may have noticed that I'm no longer going by Blogging to the Four Walls, although I'm keeping it as my slogan; Brngh Klly makes more sense as my twitter, instagram etc are also at that name - I'm a brand now, guys.. I hope it's not causing too much inconvenience! It's shorter to type, if that helps?!

LAST NOTE: Keep an eye out for mini layout tweaks every now and then! I recently changed my banner and side piccie, and more will be changing soon. Pleasepleaseplease let me know what you think! Can we take a moment for the amazing drawing my dear friend Anna drew for me?! Get a load of it! She's amazing. You should check her out; She's going far.

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