Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lady Mermaid

Items as follows: 
 Diamanté choker//Topshop
Knitted jumper//Penneys
Skirt//The Vintage Factory

It started with a skirt...
And to think I almost didn't buy it! Gosh.. I found it in Waterford's newest, coolest, edgiest, most on-point, etc store The Vintage Factory, for only a tenner. It's going to be a huge asset to my spring/summer wardrobe. It oozes girly sophistication, and the colour is gorgeous. It took me a while to understand the whole obsession with coral/salmon colours, but I've now realised that it was because the high-street's been hyper-saturating the colour into a neon mess. Please don't wear with orange tan, ladies.. That's not what they meant by colour blocking. Ooooh, fashion burn.

I decided to wear the colour to its fullest potential by referencing the good old colour wheel: Another concept which I've only come to understand. According to legend, blue and orange compliment each other. Again, the rather uniform colour wheel does this little guideline no favours by placing a deep, royal blue next to a really harsh orange (reference if you don't understand any of this). By using much softer colours, the message has finally sunk into my skull.. AND, I've managed to look like a fishy housewife in the process! This keeps getting better.

The shape of the skirt is so ladylike that I wanted to amp up the old-school domestication with this pale blue (anything-but-hand-)knit jumper. The bedazzled jewellery kicks the whole ye-olde-yummy-mummy vibes up yet another notch, as well as the silk scarf - which is more of a prop than part of the outfit, but we'll leave it be.. Then, me being who I am, I turned the whole thing on its side with big rough black boots. Sorry - I can't resist! In the words of a true mammy: Tough love - the tough part being the boots.

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