Sunday, 1 March 2015


Leather jacket: Charity shop
Scarf: Gift
Jumper: Forever 21
Shorts: DIY, from Charity shop (Levi's)
Coltrane dupsies: River Island

The 'college student' vibes are out again; We're going for 'art student' this time, what with the slightly more alternative approach. I nabbed the ~real~ leather for a fiver two years ago, but this was my first time wearing it out. It was love, but let it be known that leather is an awful insulator.. I learned the hard way by shivvering out in the cold all day! The scarf was knitted for me by my aunt, and it's another item that I've had a while but have never gotten around to wearing. Picking out things to wear which you forgot even existed is so much fun - but now that I have justified their cost-per-wear, maybe they can return to the back of my wardrobe?

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