Friday, 17 April 2015

RIP, Hun

 Necklace; Topshop
Top; Penneys
Stole; Penneys
Skirt; The Vintage Factory
Heels/Sandal things; TK Maxx

I always feel weird posting outfits after wearing them out places.. Or even worse, wearing them after posting them.. The fear of being accused of outfit repeating is very real for me. Thankfully, no one has called me such a thing yet other than myself. I wore this in February - I'm posting it two months on. Grand.

There was a brief period there where I had a social life that wasn't in daylight hours (!!!!!!!) and it was cool, so cool that I bought silver diamanté stilts (ootd soon, maybe..?!?!!) and tainted my milk bottle complexion with some.... bronzer - I shuddered as I typed that. I escaped the curse by the skin of my teeth, thanks to my addiction to being productive/boring, approaching exams and, well, no more invites (ty lads xx). And so with the raving, all hun tendencies disappeared. Ah, the demons are gone.. I thought I'd show you the remnants anyway, as above: My Hun Spirit Animal was any Hun From Past Eras, But Mainly The 90s - note the suit-y, simple type getup and an added bit of craic with the mad stole.

 I don't know if anyone's copped it yet, but I seem to have categorised my style into either a) Sassy-Daria-Morgendorffer-IRL or b)Cher Horowitz, the former being daytime and the latter being nighttime. I need some new fictional characters to base my wardobe on - suggestions are welcome!

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