Sunday, 7 June 2015

Donatella vibes @ Cinderella (in Opera?!)

Earrings (soz not v visible... they're art deco-y) // Penneys
Printed top // I've had it since I was 5 or so. Ha, you'll never find it
Wide legged silky (power) pants // River Island
Nude suede wedges // Penneys

Last week we started off our third term of Waterford Young Arts Critics with a trip to Lismore to see a few exhibitions (Thanks to Lismore Castle Arts). We topped off the night with a preview of Lismore Music Festival's 'Cinderella', performed through opera. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the day, and opera being, well, opera, we all kitted ourselves out accordingly in our smartest rags.. Even if the whole thing wasn't as posh as we were expecting. I mean, it was opera in a castle.. Who'd have thought otherwise?!

I opted for my new favourite pants on earth; They're wide-legged, silky and damn they're a statement, but still incredibly fun; I can't wait to try wearing them in different ways. There's something about them that oozes Azealia Banks.. Or is it just me?! I paired the magnificent butt holders with a simple little printed string top and my best statement earrings. Maybe it was just the fact that I was going to Italy the following day (Jetsetter chick; Just heading out to Verona after a late night at an opera.. it's all G x), but I felt very powerful and sassy like a mini Donatella. The earrings and the pants together just gave me her sassy flare, minus all the surgery.. Clothes are just like a personality altering, self esteem placebo, innit?

Soulja Boy Donatell'em (sorry)

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