Thursday, 11 June 2015

Girly Angst

What, you mean not all teenage girls have a Marilyn Manson shrine/voodoo doll in their rooms?!
It's always fun when you tell someone you have a blog and their first reaction is, 'Ha! So what do you write about? Pff, angst? All the feels?!' - by 'fun' I mean a little tiny teeny bit infuriating. EVERY. TIME; This goes out to you, career focused adults who ironically fail to see how career focused a blog can be!

I'm embracing the angst with this little playlist, which I like to imagine playing in the background of 'The Virgin Suicides' and the like. Cue Ben and Jerry's, nail polish and lots of hairbrushing whilst staring out of a window at a sunset. Oooh, so angsty. Note that I've also kept it to songs with female vocals just to amp up the oestrogen. Enjoy.

Songs as Follows:
Cherry Glazerr//Bloody Bandaid
Best Coast//When The Sun Don't Shine
Le Tigre//Eau D'Bedroom Dancing
Siouxsie and the Banshees//Dear Prudence 
Wolf Alice//White Leather
Yeah Yeah Yeahs//Modern Romance
Desire//Part II

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