Tuesday, 31 January 2017



What the hell's been going down? It's been a long, long time but hey, I'm here now going to take another stab at it - again. Unbeknownst to you, I've made two other attempts in the past few months at this re-introductory piece: One titled 'Gluten' and the other 'News Flash: I'm just like everybody else'. Great stuff, maybe I'll share them sometime. Fingers and toes crossed that this is third time lucky at getting something published.

The thing is, I don't really know what happened - I took a hiatus to focus on school, and then I got a dog, I started college, I cut my hair and several/all Skam episodes later (I highly recommend Skam) - I'm here. Kind of at a crossroads. I'm in college, doing the course which I chose because I used to run this blog, and loved media and producing content. I gag at the irony that now, of all times I am at my least creative. And, here, I have one day left in January 2017; So I'm using it to get back on this godforsaken blog horsey.

apologies for poor quality; I'm getting back on the photo editing horsey too x

I don't know exactly where I'm going to go with this yet, so for now I'll just opportunistically word vomit until stumble upon a more structured MO. I like art and fashion and music still, obviously, so expect stuff from within that realm - that's really the only 'hint' I can give you - even though I too am trying to figure out this riddle. Stay tuned. In the meantime if you'd like to know what I've been getting up to (lol yea), my instagram is probably the best place to go: @brnghklly. Ciao for now.

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