Monday, 6 November 2017

Winter Attire

I will forever be baffled at people who leave the house without a coat, full-legged trousers and/or hosiery past the month of September. Maybe I was reared a bit too well by mammy, but I just want to assert to all my like-minded, too-sensible readers (all of you) that I actually wore this in August - and I'm publishing it now, much to my own shame.

I wore this on a night out to meet one of my favourite Drag Race Alumna, Pearl. I started off thinking I was channelling her in this but really it's a Twiggy/Margot Tenenbaum/Melancholic Candyfloss Realness look. And I don't hate it.

Bits n pieces as follows:

Sheer flared sleeve leotard : Penneys
Bralette : Penneys
Skirt : Reloved @ Topshop
Shoes : Pennteyssss

If I have one style goal over the next couple o' months, it's to stop using Penneys as a style crutch, as great as it is. I've fallen into a major rut in regards to wanting something new and funky to wear, and just making do with whatever's new in Ireland's favourite siopa - It's unhealthy, and frankly it doesn't make me value my clothing; They've just become disposable items to me which is unhealthy for me, my purse and the planet! 

Side note: Half debating whether to say 'HEY AM BAQUE' or not because I really want to start back at this again, but have tried before and failed. And while writing about what I wear is easy, I do think it'd be more fruitful to stop writing things in first person etc... But we'll go with whatever pops into my head for now. :*

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